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Be responsible. Spitstrips.

The strip is a small paper-based indicator slip capable of detecting blood alcohol content based on the alcohol content of your saliva. After wetting the strip briefly, it is sealed in a provided bag and quickly changes colour. The colour can then be interpreted to aid decision-making. After using a SpitStrip, the user is more informed of their mental state and more inclined to make a safe and responsible decision.

It comes pre-packaged with a colour-code to aid comprehension, as well as a separate leaflet explaining how to use the results of the strip and a resealable paper bag for the strip while it changes colour. A SpitStrip is smaller than a business card and can easily be stored in a wallet or pocket. The packaging is completely recyclable and environmentally friendly.

DISCLAIMER: SpitStrips is not liable for any acts committed while under the influence. Our product is designed to aid decision making by providing an accurate reading, but the power to save lives rests in the user's hands. Thank you.